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+About Us

Are Storytellers at Heart.

Cherie and I met before I left for the military but we fell in love through letters in the mail. Initially, we wrote each other once a week. Every Saturday my world lit up when I saw her name on the envelope, her coffee stains on the paper and hearts throughout her writings.

Before long we were writing each other every day.

We got engaged in Chicago in November of 2007 and permanently connected our souls on July 26th 2008.

It's been 10 years and 2 kids later but I still finding myself writing letters to the love of my life. 

Snowwood Film

Your beautiful wedding day edited to epic music in a 2-4 minute short film.

+ Our Services

Wedding Day Film

Your wedding day in all of its glory. 

all the most epic speeches and moments combined with beautiful imagery and music

Love Story Film

Our love story videos combine an extra day of filming, home videos and pictures to tell the complete story of how two beautiful souls found each other and fell in love


+ Our Portfolio

Wedding Day Film

The Wedding Day film is great for those wanting to preserve as many moments as possible from the wedding day.  All the laughs, tears, and timeless moments that filled your wedding day will transcend in this timeless video.  

Snowwood Film

The focus on a Snowwood Film is on creating an epic highlight film of your wedding day. This is for couples only interested in a  high enegy 2-4 minute highlight film with a timeless track. This film will also be availbale for your viewing in less than a month.

Love Story Film

Your story started long before this day, right? Our Love Story video includes photoes/videos from your phone, home videos from childhood, or whatever footage you have on hand. These moments along with the narrative shoot will help us create a film that tells your love  story for generations to come.


+ Clients Love

So incredible beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for capturing this special day.